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It's All Behind Us Now (SDR 024)

by The Sorority

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released April 22, 2016



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The Sorority

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Track Name: Endless Vultures
Bloodless monsters
News imposters
Glorify mass murder again
again again again again

The news sensation
Distract nations
And create anti-heroes of death
Of death of death of death

camouflage sabotage
this is
camouflage sabotage

Violence on the rise
It's our demise/ sensationalized
Can't wash the blood off your hands

Endless vultures
prey on culture
Justify psychopaths again
Again again again

Can't wash the blood off your hands
hands, your hands, your bloody hands
Track Name: American Laius
I’m the shadow
that usurped the kingdom
the young buried the old
Now I am a ghost
but I made that decision
such a long time ago
Where can I go?
unwittingly murdered
My identity unknown
I’m done

It’s all behind us, It’s all behind us now
I am King Laius
It’s all behind us now
rolling in my grave

Left my rage in the road
The son skates on by
while I carry the load
This child of pride
drinks from his cup
of vanity and bile
I have no desire
to suffer twice
right now or (in) my past life
I’m done...yeah

The son goes blind
Forefathers cry
While I'm
Rolling in my grave
It's all behind us...
Track Name: Cardboard Airplane
This will be the end
The monument’s fireplace has been replaced with caution tape
(with) hour to evacuate
Crisis Response
here to count our lost remains
There’s nothing left to save
Camera’s can’t wait for foundations to abate
We all understand our weight
of the world

And we told ourselves
that this would be the end
Now we bolt our shelves
to walls of uncertainty

Cardboard Airplane
Its plans are so arcane
Slicing city’s veins,
Caution tape sale,
Relocate the jail,
and redefine the walls

And we told ourselves
that this would be the end
Now we bolt our shelves
to walls of uncertainty
Then we scold ourselves
“this will be the end”

Red tagged, better pack your bags
while I try to rack my earthquake brain
without red tape
Yeah, pack your bags
while I ride out FEMA’s delay
without red tape
Atrial arrhythmia
then the burial
without red

Red tagged now it’s time to go

My Earthquake Brain
Track Name: Damage Control
10 clowns for sale
Begging for a home,
the presidential palace of white gold

Debate answers
Like anybody knows
Enjoy the shit show

Exhaust time on damage control
What a waste of souls
morale is running slow
Disowned with nowhere left to go
To save our souls
Of which we're running low

Profess your hate
While we bathe in waste
and decay (of)
unequal protection