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by The Sorority

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released June 26, 2014

Jake Krohn - Drums
Matt McKenzie - Guitar
Bobby Wilcox - Bass
Cliff Greenwood - Vocals

Recorded by Jake Krohn
Photos by Kate Nagle



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The Sorority

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Track Name: Act Your Age
Value life resale
Life insurance sells at retail
Stay alive and be productive
Make sure you die before you retire
Work yourself into the ground
So they don’t pay you to stick around
Parody of what you used to be
Pillar of the community

Can you tell the difference between death and modern art?
Are you a servant or are you what you say you are?

Stationary motorbikes
Operating by satellite
Crisis of the middle age
To act your pay, not your gray
Got so sick and tired of acoustics
Felt like I was playing a crucifix
Ready to get into the grave
Sometimes you just need a change

Can you tell the difference between death and modern art?
Are you a servant or are you what you say you are?

Act your age.

Crisis of the middle age
Ride your mountain, not your grave
Crisis of the middle
Capture passion despite your age
Track Name: Exposed!
You’ve been exposed
No way to avoid mass contagion
It was all for show. Now that they know
There’s no way to cover the fragrance

Content’s exposed
Complexion shown
Raise the storm cone
And prepare for the coming cyclone

Complex content has been exposed
Cry for mercy
Content out of commission, No
I’m not worthy
Oh, your cover is blown
Cry for mercy
The martyr complex has been exposed

The finishing coat
Won’t protect you from this virus
Cover your nose, protect your throat
We’ve never seen a crisis like this

Harder Content
Martyr Complex
Hidden Concepts
In your public profile

Brace yourself for the coming storm
Brace yourself
Cry for mercy
Brace yourself
For the coming cyclone

The suffusion of blood mixed with hyper tension
Shows on my face, my countenance
Pretentious language is a virus
And every pound pressed on my chest
Spews out contagious weight
And I beg for
“More weight, more weight, more weight”
To that they say,
We’ve ran out of injections, there’s no more protection.”
And now I am infected
We’re all infected
Brace yourself